black people cannot create justice in our communities until We obliterate any traces of white supremacy until then we all considered slaves on a longer leash whenever you see black people with any power autonomy or independence it is because black people have been able to destroy white institutions & white governments I do believe it will take too long to infiltrate&neutralize white supremacy our power is controlling our own movements we must consider leaving the Western world & every black person moving back to Africa to contribute to ending white skin domination/white supremacy / white cultureas long as we live with them we contribute to the thief of First Nation land and resources we have a home but as refugees we need a critical look at the back to Africa movement
Europe’s attempt to dominate the World, by Marimba Ani Yurugu #AncientAfrica #BlackHistoryMonth
Marimba Ani Yurugu – The Secrets of Whites
Listervelt Middleton : If you told Black people that white people were committing biological genocide against us,and that by the year two thousand”what ever “there would be no more black people” you would get one reaction. But you’re saying that we’re being threaten with “cultural,and psychological “extinction.” How do you get “African” people to see the urgency of this situation?
Dr Marimba Ani: I don’t know frankly if you can.” I think we have to focus on “young people!.. Young African people” who have not been so “conditioned” with away of thinking that supports “European” “imperialism” European “power!…
They still have the ability to use their intuition,and their “spirituality” their “Africannes” to create” to think beyond the limitations that have been given to them in “European” “academies.”
I think most of us as “adults” as “elders” have been so “conditioned” that we’re “afraid!…
To move beyond the “parameters” that have been defined by our “enemies” in our “thinking!so that our “vision is “limited!…And so we are really not the “people” who should be “conceptualizing” the “plains” you know the “movements” what we should be “building.”
But I focus on the “younger “people” who hopefully are still more in “touch with what is “natural” to ” African” People.” And if I can affirmed that in “them” they will see the urgency!… I find that in my “teaching” I find that in teaching “young people that once they are affirmed,and introduced in a “conscious” way to the “world to the “African” world view” it becomes crystal clear to them.” And they see in an “urgency” in us as “African” people “building” for self!..As opposed to “imitating” forms which have been put in place to make sure that we “continue to be “oppressed.”
Listervelt Middleton:Culturally,and “psychologically” do you think we “realize” what we have “lost?
Dr Marimba Ani: No! Not ,You know it’s so,it’s ironic because” we don’t realize it on a “conscious” level.” Yet we live it everyday!… In the way we “walk”In the way we “talk” in the “music we “create” There is a depth of “spirituality” which exist in us as a “people”which has continued since out “origins.” That our “ancestors” has pass to us which we continue to pass on ourselves” That we don’t “consciously “recognize as a “strength”we don’t realize that it is something that we need to use to “think” with so that when we are “presented with a “European” “world view” In the “classroom” We think that that’s the only way to be! That’s the only way to “think” Cause we didn’t come with anything!.. so I don’t think that we are “aware” on a “conscious” level of what is it that we “moved away from in terms of “Power.”You see that’s what we’re not “aware of.”
Listervelt Middleton :Could you talk some about how we came to be “who” and what we are today,If you understand the “question”
Dr Marimba Ani: I think I do.”
Listervelt Middleton:Ok
Dr Marimba Ani: I think we have to look back at a “period” that I call the “”Maafa.” We as “Africans” were very “consciously” “stripped” of our “culture!.. No that becomes a platitude. “You know everybody say that be we have to see that we had a “strong “culture,and so forth,but nobody seems to “realize” the depth of what that means!..
Being “stripped of our “culture”meant being “conditioned” to “accept” ourselves as “inferior” “beings” Okay.” It meant that we were “conditioned” to feel that we have to be “dependent” on “Europeans.” “Dependent” on “white people!… That we could not do things for ourselves,and in our own “Image.” That “conditioning” began with a period a “long period” of “terrorism!…which was very “physical” You know “physically “manifested at the same time there was the “breaking of the will!.. So there was “cultural “violence” I call it! you know in the “book” as well as the “physical” “violence” which is very important.”
We then came to a period,and which we mistakenly thought we were free!… We’re now at a point where we think that we have “freedom” the ability to be whatever it is that we can be within the “society”and so forth.” Yet what happened is that we are still “think within a “modality” that has been “determined” by those who would “oppress us.” Those who would “control us.” And we don’t see beyond that!… So the “question” for me becomes “WHO CONTROLS HOW YOU THINK?…
We have the “ability” to create our own “structures” our own “theories” our own “definitions” of “reality” to look at the “African world view.” To look at for instance The “Dogon people.” To look at the “Kemetic people.” To look at our own people who have,”even “look at “Carter .G. Woodson” for instance” The Miseducation of the Negro.” Which I don’t think was ever really understood by us.” And to us these things: as “inspirations “the building of “institutions”the “creation of things” “building out own “buildings!… We have the ability to do that!… So it almost like we have been “conditioned” so well through such a long “process” that now it is us who are “enslaving ourselves” “Mentally!…
Listervelt Middleton:Because the job is already been;
Dr Marimba Ani: The “job” has been done!… It would be so easy” in one sense for us to undo it. That’s what I’m saying in the book” because the way the system of “European” control works” Is that you have to accept a “concept” of “reality” which makes them “superior.”
Dr Marimba Ani analyzes the european and their anti Afrikan ways. Afrikans being analyzed by europeans is the norm, in this study Dr Marimba Ani has done an in depth study on the european and gives it to us from an Afrikan Centered perspective.
The Maafa

The term “Maafa” (from the book, “Let The Circle Be Unbroken”, by Dr. Marimba Ani) is a kiswahili word for “disaster” that we are now using to reclaim our right to tell our own story. Maafa refers to the enslavement of our people and to the sustained attempt to dehumanize us. Because the Maafa has disconnected us from our cultural origins, we have remained vulnerable in a social order that does not reflect our cultural identity.
Welcome to KemetWay.Com: info-site on the ‘Kemetic Way Of Life’ – Ancient and Modern. Use this site to get a firm understanding of the role of Ancient Kemet [misnomer: Egypt] in history and as the foundation of Ancient African civilization, and the ‘Way Of Life’, throughout the ancient world – including Sumer, Harappa, Shang, Olmec, and Tene societies. Also get an understanding of the contemporary ‘Kemetic Way Of Life’ – classes and lectures are also available. Master Keys to the Study of Ancient Kemet
(From a lecture given by Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III, a.k.a. Nana Baffour Amankwatia II)
presented by the Third Eye of Ancient Egypt Egyptian Alchemy and Science Egypt AND PRIESTESSES Dogon Dogon people are an indigenous tribe who occupy a region in Mali, south of the Sahara Desert in Africa. There are about 100,000 members in the tribe. civilization of Ancient Egypt lasted longer than the entire span of what we have come to accept as ‘recorded history’: over three thousand years. During these millenia the Egyptians developed a multitude of gods and goddesses, as well as esoteric practices that we are still unravelling the meaning of. Besides this, Egypt was the source of the first true monothestic religion, under the pharaoh Akhenaton. This rich tradition was mostly unknown until the early nineteenth century, when the Egyptian language was finally deciphered. RELIGION UNDER THE PERSIAN CONQUERORS. RELIGION UNDER THE PTOLEMIES. RELIGION UNDER THE ROMANS UNDER THE ROMAN EMPERORS. UNDER THE BYZANTINE EMPERORS. Books by
Gerald Massey
(Massey, Gerald, 1828-1907) — with Kwame Gibbs, Deidre Mitchell, Kel Lee, Elisa Nelson and Zen Dreaming
Marimba Ani – European Quest for World domination

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