black people cannot create justice in our communities until We obliterate any traces of white supremacy until then we all considered slaves on a longer leash whenever you see black people with any power autonomy or independence it is because black people have been able to destroy white institutions & white governments I do believe it will take too long to infiltrate&neutralize white supremacy our power is controlling our own movements we must consider leaving the Western world & every black person moving back to Africa to contribute to ending white skin domination/white supremacy / white cultureas long as we live with them we contribute to the thief of First Nation land and resources we have a home but as refugees we need a critical look at the back to Africa movement

The assessment of Herodotus. He lived in fifth century BC (c 484 - 425 BC)
during Egypt’s Late Period (way before the fall of Egypt around 30 BC.)
Although he wasn’t around to record the actual race of the Egyptians in
3000 BC that does not take away from the validity that the Egyptians he
encountered in the fifth century were indeed black/dark skinned/African.
Herodotus described the Egyptians as being “dark-skinned and
woolly-haired.” Woolly hair and dark skin are almost exclusively associated
with African/black peoples or people of African descent. And for those who
think that the depictions of the Egyptian with what appears to be straight
hair proves otherwise. Please be informed that Egyptians wore wigs to
protect the hair and scalp from the hot African sun as well as for
decorative purposes. There is also plenty of artwork that depicts Egyptians
with wooly hair. Despite invasions the African phenotype prevailed in
Ancient Egypt when Herodotus made hi assessment (that is of course until
the Romans and Arabs came along and transformed the appearance of the
Egyptian population into what you see today). There has also been DNA
analysis performed on the mummy’s found in Egypt that confirm their African
heritage. I say all of this to say that the Ancient Egyptians originated as
a black African civilization.Yes the racial makeup of Egypt today appears
to be more of a mix (due mainly to invading forces especially towards the
end of Egyptian rule) but the original and longstanding rulers of Ancient
Egypt were indeed black. Ancient black people went through painstaking and massive efforts to construct monuments that speak a timeless African language to the descendants of a timeless people but obviously only for those with ears to hear African rhetoric and for those with African eyes to see a world dominated by black people and for those with the will of our ancestral purposes to recreate timeless African humanity on a worldwide scale.

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