black people cannot create justice in our communities until We obliterate any traces of white supremacy until then we all considered slaves on a longer leash whenever you see black people with any power autonomy or independence it is because black people have been able to destroy white institutions & white governments I do believe it will take too long to infiltrate&neutralize white supremacy our power is controlling our own movements we must consider leaving the Western world & every black person moving back to Africa to contribute to ending white skin domination/white supremacy / white cultureas long as we live with them we contribute to the thief of First Nation land and resources we have a home but as refugees we need a critical look at the back to Africa movement
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1. PSA: Please don’t try the BS “I have a Black friend” excuse on me again

2. Related: Why so many White people fail to understand Ferguson

3. Personal: Getting real tired of all the calm, analytic “what about this” discussions I hear every single time UNARMED Black people are murdered by the police

white people make up the majority of the population, so therefore it would be logical for whites to have more white friends, like the numbers make sense

also some areas are hugely white and others are more diverse. its says more about demographics than racism

Yeah honestly that’s not a fair assumption, I grew up in an area with about 5 nonwhite people per class so exactly how was I supposed to make sure I had an “acceptable” amount of black friends? I don’t agree you should use any excuse to be racist, but the standards seem a bit skewed.

I would rather have white people be friends with me because they like me as a person, instead of wanting to ease their white guilt

no one consciously looks at race when making friends, unless you’re a racist and that’s a minority of people

Places my friends come from: lacrosse team, videogames, classes, church, band
Number of black people ive met in those populations: im guessing 3.
I dont give a fuck what color your skin is, but im not going to go out of my way to be friends with someone just to appease another tumblr sjw.

Dear followers, please allow me to translate most of the predominately White or #newBlackanti-sjw" bloggers (weird how that works out, huh?) out there like: a-little-fall-of-rain canofsexy and their ilk for you:

1. “I have absolutely NO basic reading comprehension because I didn’t understand (or intentionally ignored) the completely asynchronous ***proportions*** mentioned and highlighted that was the point of the article”

2. “Yeah I’m a racist, and I’m 100% comfortable in my racism”

Borrowing from a recent post by sonofbaldwin, aptly titled:

The Crier Deniers

Some white people love to come into a conversation critiquing racism just to say that they don’t think it’s racism.

Sometimes, they’re nice with it, like, “I honestly don’t think that was racism. I think it was just a little misunderstanding.”

Sometimes, they’re nasty with it, like, “STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD! EVERYTHING IS NOT ABOUT RACE!!!!”

But one thing is true: The denial is like a meth h
igh for them.

It’s like they feel that in order to live a stress-free life, preserve their innocence, extend their euphoria, and protect their self-image, they must take up the mission of denying racism wherever it has been detected. 

From the most subtle shades to the most blatant explosions, these folks get their whole lives from telling people of color that racism is just a figment of their imaginations. 

They only way they will admit that racism is the cause of something is if telepathy can be utilized to read the accused’s mind. 

Anything short of that and these folks will get down on their knees and cry, incredulous at the fact that you could even think that racism was involved.

Because as
 James Baldwin said, crying is much easier than changing.

(P.S. This also goes for some men folk in conversations about misogyny, some straight folks in conversations about queerantagonism, some non-disabled folks in conversations about ableism/disableism, and so on.)

EDIT: this also applies to #newBlack people thirsty for White approval

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Martin Guy is facing life in prison for wounding 3 SWAT officers and killing 1 after they attempted to enter his home with a “no-knock” warrant. He was unaware the men were officers; he assumed they were trespassers. The search warrant was for drugs-no drugs were found.

Daniel Martin called the cops for assistance and they killed him on his porch.

We are under attack…

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Where’s the lie???
Meanwhile a man who murdered a child doing appearances and signing autographs. I don’t see they ass complaining about that.

Had to reblog again for that^

the evidence is in the facts are undeniable white People care more about the life of a dogs then they care about the life of black people in general terms and actions
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Black people caught by surprise responding to the actions of white people,

IT’s 1870 I can’t believe white people are practising racism “I’m in utter shock”

IT’s 1900 I can’t believe white people are practising racism “I’m so surprised”

IT’s 1920 I can’t believe white people are practising racism “I’m so taken back”

IT’s 1945 I can’t believe white people are practising racism “I can’t believe this, we’re in the middle of war war 2”

IT’s 1968 I can’t believe white people are practising racism “I thought things was different we went to the moon”

IT’s 1985 I can’t believe white people are practising racism “it blows my mind”

IT’s 2000 I can’t believe white people are practising racism “why would white people do such a thing”

IT’s 2014 I can’t believe white people are practising racism “they kill one more of our black children”

By Wake up slaves (via wakeupslaves)

Culturally accepted compensatory narcissism and how it is codified, Listen closely to this commercial and the narrative of relations to objectified animals. White people/ culture will openly and intermediately tell people of color. That what it means to be white is a inherent need to subdue all animals and dominate their domestic animals to feel closer to nature in fact this video states: (feel human) or quote “alive” if you think about it, compared to their behavior. White people plan all American city’s, landscapes and urban schematics for every city to have a dumping ground of socially exiled and ostracized African Americans demeaned as a ghetto that is always strategically placed with in a rock’s throw of a zoo filed with stolen African animals, at the least just casually observing , the numbers. don’t lie, behavioral patterns do not lie, they are simply facts to be added up to ultimately draw a conclusion

The Dambusters: A Dog Called Nigger

A tribute to the infamous censored character from the film ‘The Dambusters’ which was a true fact based WW2 film. Apparantly this film is being remade by Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings). I wonder how? The dog’s name was Nigger. Deal with it. SPECIAL SCHEMBRI NOTE: This piece has ignited one of the strongest and most intelligent discussions yet hosted at CineTopia. We thank everybody on both sides of the debate for their civility and focus. Please keep your thoughts and opinions coming. - Jim S. Just in case you weren’t yet convinced that almost anything qualifies as a controversy in these enlightened times, here’s one that redefines ridiculous. Currently in production is the long-planned remake of the 1954 film The Dam Busters. Made under the auspices of Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings) and TV icon Sir David Frost, the Universal film will offer a detailed recounting of the famous 1943 raid in which the 617 squadron of the RAF used a revolutionary “bouncing bomb” to breach three dams in the industrial heart of Germany. It sounds like it’s going to be great. But there’s a snag. The film’s producers are presently riddled with anxiety over the name of the black Labrador owned and cherished by Wing Commander Guy Gibson. It was Nigger. So, should they keep it or change it? It’s a hot debating point, apparently. On one hand is the issue of historical accuracy. On the other, the fear that using the actual, factual name would cause widespread offense and, presumably, boycotts, rioting and death threats. Such has been the worry that the film’s writer Stephen Fry was instructed to come up with a list of alternative names. Jackson has declared the name-issue a “no-win scenario” and even Sir David has said they might go with “Nigsy”, which Gibson sometimes called his beloved dog. Sensitivity over the name of this historically important pooch has history. American TV airings of the original film replaced “Nigger” with “Trigger”, and when it was screened in the UK by ITV in 2001 the name was erased entirely. This caused outrage, with the magazine Index on Censorshipdeeming the deletion “unnecessary and ridiculous”. Even Stephen Fry’s website has been inundated by people voicing their opposition to any name change. Quite right, too. This Orwellian impulse to retrofit history according to the ancient strictures of political correctness is not only intellectually dishonest it is behind the pop-cultural curve by about 20 years. We live in a post-PC world. Anybody who knows South Park orThe Simpsons knows this. The hair-trigger sensitivities of the 1980s have been replaced by a more mature, intuitive understanding about the way the world works, especially when  it comes to matters of race, and the use of that term. The plain fact is that audiences have long understood the critical importance of context and intent when it comes to the use of the N-word. As far back as 1974 Mel Brooks mocked the word’s racist legacy in the classic comedy Blazing Saddles. He ridiculed those who used it by flipping racial stereotypes and casting a black man as the hero. In the 1991 film Do the Right Thing Spike Lee brilliantly highlighted the hypocrisy of those who use the N-word as a slur, yet admire black culture. Most significantly, the liberal use of the term in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994) powerfully crystallised what so many films and comedians had already shown, that the meaning of the N-word was no longer controlled by racists. It was subject to how it was said, who was saying it and how it was meant. This is why in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket (1987) when Animal Mother (Adam Baldwin) says how “all niggers must f—-ing hang” we understand that he is jesting with a black comrade-in-arms whose life he later tries to save. And it explains why a film like Tropic Thunder can feature a white actor in blackface without raising a single heckle. What was once a racist insult was now, when presented in context to a knowing audience, an inoffensive joke. The comedy of black comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock, and TV shows such as Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Curb Your Enthusiasm and South Parkhammer the point that when it comes to touchy things like the N-word, context is everything. Which brings us back to the Dam Buster’s dog. Of course they should keep the name. People will get it. They’ll understand. Only the willfully ignorant will find offense. Nigger was dearly loved by Gibson and his men, who adopted him as their mascot. When he was killed by a car shortly before the raid they named a target after him in tribute. And here’s a point. The dam buster raid was against a Nazi regime that considered black people as sub-human. Thus, keeping the dog’s name would imbue the film with a delicious irony. The producers would be crazy to surrender this for the sake of “Nigsy”.
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The same white people who wanted an open crucifixion of Michael Vick for dog abuse will give you 1001 reasons as to why an officer killing an unarmed and surrendered black kid deserves to roam free, and in fact are shelling out their entire bank account to make sure it happens.